BoTryggt2030 is a national concept under development by the Safer Sweden Foundation (Stiftelsen Tryggare Sverige) whom has since summer 2016 taken over the future development from the Stockholm Police, who developed Sweden’s national guidelines for safer housing between 2000-2005: BoTryggt05.

The Safer Sweden Foundation aims to develop a tool for building safer cities which covers not only housing but also neighborhoods, public space, commercial places and more in order to respond to today’s holistic approach in urban planning. BoTryggt2030 is based on research related to situational crime prevention and crime through environmental design as well as practical exempels from national as international experiences.

The project runs throughout the coming three years till 2020 before resulting in a robust, national concept to be used as a tool and  in urban planning The work progresses through tight collaboration with partner organisations including construction companies, municipal and private housing companies, real estate developers, architecture offices, public transport companies, insurance companies, national and governmental organisations, trade unions, and many more. Active partners contribute with knowledge of their own working field, experiences from practical projects through pilot studies, organized workshops and discussions and reviews of the content of BoTryggt2030.

BoTryggt2030 aims to become a natural tool for all involved in urban planning and the national standard with checklists and recommendations which give practitioners arguments to make thought through decisions in shaping our safe future city environments.

By aiming for year 2030 we create a platform for safe urban planning and keep the concept open to continuous development, involvement of new actors and adjustment to changes in society and urban planning processes.